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JLR provides me with peace of mind that my patients are getting world-class anesthesia care. Working together for 18 years, we have a long record of safety, and I appreciate their ability, training, and broad experience in plastic surgery. They understand what I do and are able to appreciate the nuances of my subspecialty, ensuring outstanding patient care.

Clifford Clark, MDOrlando Aesthetic Institute

I have worked with JLR for 22 years. Not only are they thought leaders and partners in designing best practices and meeting top quartile goals throughout our eight-campus system, they are mission-driven, flexible and responsive to our growth and acquisitions. Their physician leaders are involved in hospital committees, and when we face challenges, they are part of the solution. I trust JLR to take care of my family.

Ms. Lowe oversees an eight-campus system, with over 75 OR's plus pre-op/PACU supporting beds, yielding more than 75,000 procedures annually.

Evie M. Lowe, Vice President Surgical Services, Clinical EducationFlorida Hospital

I have worked with JLR for 13 years and because of their support, I am able to manage and handle more complex patients. Their friendly, caring and competent team clearly understands our patients' special needs. JLR maintains open communication with our group regarding individual patient care, ultimately resulting in improved safety and outcomes. JLR is an EXCELLENT anesthesia group and have enjoyed working with them.

Past chair of the Florida Hospital Department of Otolaryngology. Former Clinical Assistant Professor at the Florida State University College of Medicine.

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Kiran Tipirneni MD, Adult and Pediatric OtolaryngologyThe Ear, Nose, Throat and Plastic Surgery Associates

The JLR team is skilled, professional, and held in high regard by our patients, staff, and medical staff alike over the past 20 years. Their highly competent providers are fully engaged in our process, ensuring smooth and efficient operations, and assisting us with achieving our desired metrics. Positive patient outcomes are their priority, and the care they provide is unprecedented.

Mary D’Alessandro, Surgical Services, Nurse ManagerFlorida Hospital Altamonte

While previous relationships in my career were often adversarial. JLR has been a true business partner from day one, and our approach as partners enhances smart business decisions. We collaborate as equals, and they have been very responsive to any requests. As an example, our exceptional performance in SCIP is partly due to our partnership with JLR. The high caliber of skills and professionalism of the providers is the best I have experienced in 25 years. They provide consistent, safe, high-quality patient care. They are partners, not just providers.

Daniel Magnusson, Director of Surgical ServicesFlorida Hospital Altamonte

JLR Medical has been a true partner in caring for our patients in an intra-operative, office-based setting. All of their staff are not only clinically excellent, but medical managers who meet our requirements for patient-centric care. They are thorough, efficient and effective throughout pre-, peri- and post-operative care. Our patients love the comfort and convenience of having outpatient procedures in our intimate office setting. Our OB/GYN's strive for a personal touch with our patients, and the JLR team extends that care alongside us.

Dr. Breit is presently the President of the Florida Obstetric and Gynecologic Society and former Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology Winter Park Memorial Hospital.

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Dr. Bruce BreitWomen's Care Florida - Winter Park

This is the biggest advancement in Total Knee Replacement in the past 25 years.

Hugh Morris, MDJewett Orthopaedic Clinic

I have worked with JLR for 16 years and they are very responsive and work as partners in the care of my patients. Their work with peripheral nerve blocks improves post-op and PACU management, and decreases the need for narcotics, reducing nausea and vomiting. I have confidence that they will do the very best they can for each patient while also allowing me to increase my surgery volume and decrease turnover time. On a more personal note, my father, wife and daughter have all had anesthesia administered by JLR, and I have all the confidence in the world with their skill and knowledge. I trust them with my patients and family.

Craig Mintzer MD, Orthopaedic SurgeonJewett Orthopaedic Clinic, Orlando Magic Head Physician

JLR's expertise in pain management helps me take better care of my patients and allows me to provide multidisciplinary spinal care. Our unique partnership results in increased patient safety and good outcomes. And the timely service and direct communication they provide makes care more efficient and my job easier.

Philip Meinhardt, MD, Spine SurgeonJewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Because of the support and collaborative partnership we enjoy with JLR, we are able to meet the ever-growing demands of our community. Their leadership is accountable, quick to become a part of the solution, and proactively finds ways to remove barriers to accomplish our organizational goals. JLR positively impacts the quality of care we are able to provide by ensuring the provider schedule matches our demand; therefore decreasing patient delay and overall length of stay. JLR is always at the table with our executive leadership to understand metrics and outcomes. It is clear they support us in a way that benefits the overall patient experience and furthers our mission.

Heather Long, Chief Nursing OfficerFlorida Hospital Altamonte

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