Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

At JLR, we understand the unique nuances of providing anesthesiology care in an aesthetic and plastic surgery environment. Our clients’ patients expect customized care. They want access, accommodation, accountability and availability, and our physicians partner to deliver just that. We provide flexible staffing, scheduling and billing arrangements that contour to the unique needs of each surgical office and center we serve.

Perhaps most importantly, we are able to translate our hospital experience and expertise with the most complex surgical care to providing safe, professional, efficient, outpatient and office-based aesthetic and plastic surgical care. And we do so in a manner that is compassionate, reassuring and respectful of each patient’s individual concerns and needs.

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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Anesthesiologist

From Our Customers

JLR provides me with peace of mind that my patients are getting world-class anesthesia care. Working together for 18 years, we have a long record of safety, and I appreciate their ability, training, and broad experience in plastic surgery. They understand what I do and are able to appreciate the nuances of my subspecialty, ensuring outstanding patient care.

Clifford Clark, MD
Orlando Aesthetic Institute

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