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FIDES Improving Anesthesia CareAt JLR Medical Group, patient safety and quality have always been paramount. That is why we have partnered with industry-leader FIDES to measure, track and report quality data on every case we perform.

A Comprehensive Approach:  Clarity, Consistency and Detail

A proven, refined program founded by anesthesiologists, FIDES has 18 years of experience producing anesthesia quality data. Their tools, including simple checklists, allow us to easily and cost effectively measure and compare quality data at the deepest levels - by facility, site, service line, provider and payer across more than 100 different data points, including:

  • Demographics - Age, Race, etc.
  • Planned Disposition
  • Anesthesia Type
  • ASA Class
  • Risk Factors

Outcomes measured include:

  • Pre-op Delays
  • Prophylactic Antibiotics
  • Intra-op Observations
  • Post-anesthesia Data
  • Core Temperature
  • Blood Sugar
  • Post-op Antiemetic
  • Vomiting
  • Post-anesthesia Observations
  • Delay in Discharge
  • Post-PACU Observations
  • Post-discharge Follow-up
  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Comments with Image


And through FIDES, we are able to benchmark this data against ourselves as well as against more than 700 anesthesiologists in 20 other anesthesiology groups across the country. This benefits everyone - patients, our client hospitals and surgery centers, surgeons, and our own medical team alike.

Charge Anesthesiologists

In JLR's efforts to work with our clients to improve perioperative streamlining, and patient satisfaction/safety, we staff anesthesiology personnel in a care team model with a supervising Charge Physician who takes on the role of "air traffic control" for an OR, not just for the day but for a week at a time. This unique approach aids in consistent communication and transfer of information throughout the workday, keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently by proactively dealing with issues that arise. The Charge Anesthesiologist can address challenges like abnormal or missing lab tests, minimizing delays and turnover between cases. This operations model also aids with staffing consistency and anticipating surgeons' needs.

Peer Review and Evidence-based Care

Our experienced and accomplished JLR clinicians are also deeply invested in peer review and evidence-based care, and we back that up with our advanced metrics to yield clinical excellence.

From Our Customers

Because of the support and collaborative partnership we enjoy with JLR, we are able to meet the ever-growing demands of our community. Their leadership is accountable, quick to become a part of the solution, and proactively finds ways to remove barriers to accomplish our organizational goals. JLR positively impacts the quality of care we are able to provide by ensuring the provider schedule matches our demand; therefore decreasing patient delay and overall length of stay. JLR is always at the table with our executive leadership to understand metrics and outcomes. It is clear they support us in a way that benefits the overall patient experience and furthers our mission.

Heather Long, Chief Nursing Officer
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