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Your Challenges

We know that many hospitals, in particular, face challenges with anesthesia services, including:

  • A national shortage of anesthesiologists and CRNAs, causing a dramatic increase in the costs to hire and retain qualified practitioners
  • An increasing Medicare and Medicaid population whose anesthesia services fall so far below the rates of commercial carriers that they do not cover the costs of nurse anesthetists, much less anesthesiologists
  • The need to provide large stipends to ensure adequate anesthesiology coverage
  • Challenges negotiating managed care contracts

Our Solutions:  Minimizing Stipends and Maximizing Revenue-cycle Management

JLR Medical Group knows you want to provide the highest quality anesthesiologists to anchor your department without sacrificing financial stability.  With JLR, you can ensure that the business functions of your anesthesiology group are as competent as the clinical practice. Our experienced, specialized team minimizes stipends while at the same time, maximizing revenue-cycle management. We accomplish this by:

  1. Aligning streamlined coverage with efficiently scheduled ORs
  2. Capturing improved reimbursement through superior managed care contracting

JLR’s business structure and billing services team will improve your OR performance by working collaboratively with surgical administration and clinical leaders to adjust blocks, minimize delays and provide flexible coverage. We are continually evaluating utilization and adjusting staffing models to improve OR efficiency.

And because of our size, alliances and regional dominance, we can effectively negotiate contracts and pass along savings to our clients.

The JLR/PDM Diamond Report:  A Powerful Tool to Examine and Adjust OR Efficiency

Custom-designed and developed in partnership with Professional Data Management (PDM) and approved through the Florida Anesthesia Administrators Association, JLR’s proprietary Diamond Report provides each of our clients a detailed picture of their operating rooms by looking at the start and stop times of all cases performed at all times of the day.

Running millions of calculations in a matter of seconds and downloaded directly from the JLR/PDM billing system, the Diamond Report generates views to help improve operating room profitability through:

  • Adjusting staffing levels
  • Setting call responsibilities
  • Identifying surgeons who start late
  • Identifying holes in the OR schedule

Related Staff

Lynette Block

Senior Administrator for Anesthesia Services

Lynette has worked in healthcare for 30 years, primarily in anesthesiology. She has extensive experience in billing and managing billing offices, both locally and regionally.  Lynette earned her certification from the American Academy of Professional Coders.  Some of her experience includes consulting for other anesthesiology practices and risk management, including working closely with malpractice carriers and hospital risk managers, reviewing and answering patient issues, and attending mediations for medical malpractice claims. Lynette also provides leadership in compliance training, and data mining and analysis.

From Our Customers

Because of the support and collaborative partnership we enjoy with JLR, we are able to meet the ever-growing demands of our community. Their leadership is accountable, quick to become a part of the solution, and proactively finds ways to remove barriers to accomplish our organizational goals. JLR positively impacts the quality of care we are able to provide by ensuring the provider schedule matches our demand; therefore decreasing patient delay and overall length of stay. JLR is always at the table with our executive leadership to understand metrics and outcomes. It is clear they support us in a way that benefits the overall patient experience and furthers our mission.

Heather Long, Chief Nursing Officer
Florida Hospital Altamonte

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