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JLR: Your Anesthesiology Partner, Mask On and Mask Off

Headquartered in Orlando and providing perioperative services throughout Central Florida, we offer a complete, streamlined medical and management solution to achieve an optimally performing operating room.

Positioned for the evolving healthcare landscape, we supply the core elements for your success:

Developing Healthy Operating Rooms

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Operating rooms are the heart of a hospital and also the economic engines, accounting for up to 60% of facility margins. They serve as a primary source of hospital admissions, which means improving facility throughput begins with streamlining patient flow through the OR. Improperly managed and staffed, the OR can also be a significant source of errors and expenses.

Unlike surgeons who must also spend time seeing patients in their offices, anesthesiologists work in the operating suite every day. This provides us unique perspective and allows us to play a critical role in managing OR functions -- both clinical and non-clinical. JLR’s experienced team provides unparalleled leadership in this arena, balancing business effectiveness and efficiency with providing you and your patients the highest caliber perioperative care.

Highly Aligned with Your Goals

At JLR, your vision is our mission. We are more than a simple service provider -- we are part of your team and believe in forging true partnerships with each of our clients, becoming deeply involved in improving every aspect of the OR experience.

  • Our physicians have long been active outside the OR, providing input, perspective and expertise in administrative, research and policy forums throughout the hospitals and institutions that we serve. This includes several of our anesthesiologists serving as medical staff presidents, division leaders and hospital committee chairs as well as on a full range of governance, operations and clinical improvement committees.
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  • Under physician leadership, our specialized and experienced administrative team provides a full range of business functions and support, including contract negotiation, billing, management, OR analysis, staffing, scheduling and payroll.

Your Challenges

At JLR, we understand the challenges hospitals, surgery centers, and office-based surgeons face:

  • Increased demands for quality, efficiency and accountability
  • Staffing issues/shortages
  • Continually evolving healthcare reform and regulatory changes
  • Effectively negotiating payor contracting rates
  • Ensuring patient safety

And we also understand the increased importance and critical role your anesthesiology team plays in meeting these challenges head on. In fact, perioperative services now drive about 60 percent of hospital revenue. Outsourced anesthesia staffing will not protect both your brand and your bottom line.

Do You Have Confidence in Your Perioperative Team?

To effectively manage today’s OR and achieve the highest standard of care, you need a professional team with business savvy and experienced medical leaders who are at the top of their field.

From Our Customers

While previous relationships in my career were often adversarial. JLR has been a true business partner from day one, and our approach as partners enhances smart business decisions. We collaborate as equals, and they have been very responsive to any requests. As an example, our exceptional performance in SCIP is partly due to our partnership with JLR. The high caliber of skills and professionalism of the providers is the best I have experienced in 25 years. They provide consistent, safe, high-quality patient care. They are partners, not just providers.

Daniel Magnusson, Director of Surgical Services
Florida Hospital Altamonte

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