Clinical Team

JLR's Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are a core part of the JLR medical team. They are licensed, advanced practice registered nurses who have completed graduate level education in anesthesiology care and provide a broad range of medical and surgical services under the supervision and direction of a physician.

A Team Approach

At JLR, our CRNAs practice as part of a tight-knit anesthesia care team.

  • Our model allows professionals and physician extenders to help ensure that we provide our patients with timely, efficient and high-quality care.
  • Whenever one of our qualified CRNAs is participating in patient care, the supervising physician is closely involved. For all anesthetics, the physicians are directly leading the care and are immediately available.
  • The physician has ultimate responsibility for our patient's health and welfare.
James Molinaro
Chief CRNA
Hana Kleinova
Liason for Cardiothoracic
Casey Scandura
Liason for Peds
C. Erwin Velbis
Liason for Neuroanesthesia
Michael Tran
Liaison for Obstetrics
Wayne Talsky
Shift Liaison - Weekends


Jennifer Ainsworth
Jeb Ainsworth
Jennifer Albers
Cindi Alexander
Edward Alexander
Kristina Antonio


Gerti Barthuly
April Beltran
Shawn Benson
Barbara Besong
Todd Boicourt
Stacey Bruckler


Jenny Calixte
Ann Caspermeyer
Kimberly Conrad
Troy Courville
Susan Crider


Daniel De Frank
Rodney Dixon
David Duff


Nancy Elwood
Sandra Erickson


Jennifer Falconer
Melanie Farley
Donald Fosson


Laura Gorman
Karen Gourgues
Rachelle Guerrier


Erin Hawes
Sarah Herrington
Stefanie Hibdon
Joy Hickman
Julie Hillstrom
Amy Holstein


Laneeta Ingram


Thomas Jackson
Eric Jones


Richard Kandrac
Dayona Kendrick
Kevin Kennedy
Zohreh Khanzadeh
Kenneth Kittrell
Hana Kleinova


Christine Largo
Rebecca Lee
S. Lyn Leonard
Alexander Litwin
Tere Lumucso
Kacy Lyman


Jennifer Maddox
Melissa Mahon
Shibli Mansour
Daniel Martino
Jorge Mastrapa
Gigi McHale
Michelle Misik
Dexter Mitchell
James Molinaro
Robin Molinaro


Nicole Newmyer
Ashley Nickelson


Mary-Ann O'Callaghan
Elizabeth O'Neill


Mila Pak
Melanie Pattern
Anjaly Peter
Gillian Phillips
Salvatore Pirrone
David Post
Kimberly Putt


Aaron Ragan
Angie Raines
Carlos Raines
Ricky Rike
Brooke Rivera
Mike Rochester
Mary Rodriguez
Tess Rodriguez


Laura Sanchez
Casey Scandura
Christopher Schantz
Lawrence Scheve
Robert Schneider
Shannon Schutt
Lisa Scott
Troy Shimet
Kevin Simmons
Sarah Snell
Lori Sowa
Elizabeth Spencer
Kathy Stearns
Christopher Stephens
Kathleen Sullivan


Wayne Talsky
Lisa Tellinghuisen
Stephen Thompson
Jeffrey Thorstenson
Irene Toro
Michael Tran
James Truett


C. Erwin Velbis
k. Dawn Verbal
Dennis Villemain
Paul Vriesenga


Douglas Watson
Elena Weaver
John Weaver
Stacey Wilson
Vance Wilson
Marcia Wisdom-Johnson


Richard Yorgensen
Jeremy Young


Luis Zayas
John Zuke

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